We've been fortunate in finding creative ways to pursue our passions for nature, exploration and history, while involving the public and supporting science and education in the process. Looking back, it was our childhood fascination with adventure and wildlife that never went away and the years spent traveling the world with our show business family that led us to where we are today."

While the brothers are well known for their innovative productions and conservation work with sharks and the marine environment, they maintain a non-stop schedule driven by a host of other projects highlighting a number of exploration, history, archaeology, wildlife and habitat topics. In addition to live appearances and speaking engagements, their work has been seen internationally on: Discovery Channel, Shark Week, PBS, National Geographic, the Weather Channel, Fox, and the NBC Nightly News, to name a few.

At the helm of Think Out Loud Productions, they fill multiple roles including cameramen, producers, writers, expedition and science team members. As a result, they find themselves directly involved in the stories and experiences they share; a hands-on approach that provides a unique and engaging perspective for audiences. Their collaborative efforts with distinguished individuals and organizations on historically significant documentaries, science and research expeditions and innovative live events include: the Mote Marine Laboratory and Center for Shark Research, Dr. Bob Hueter, Guy Harvey, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, South Eastern Archeological Services, ADM Exploration Team, the Florida Aquarium, and the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce and many, many more.

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Some of the Bro's early days on the road with their family.